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OKAST.TV announces a global partnership with Fiverr to launch ‘CIRCLE’, its customer insight community

PARIS/17.07.2023: OKAST.TV, the European leader in OTT and FAST channels services is partnering with Fiverr, the marketplace for professional freelance services, to launch OKAST Circle.

OKAST Circle, as a customer insight community, aims to provide all value-added resources OKAST customers may need from technology development, consultancy, training, special events, content production and co-production, lobbying and any other accompaniment that help OTT platforms and premium FAST channels to strive.

OKAST.TV customers can access to two ‘circles’: the 'inner' circle, gathering key consultants and industry executives bringing their network and experience; and the ‘outer’ circle, built with Fiverr, proposing a meticulously cherry-picked pool of trusted experts savvy in all skills needed to operate and boost a video business.

Working with Fiverr offers several advantages for businesses, particularly in the tech industry. Its platform provides access to a vast talent pool of freelancers with specialized skills, allowing companies to find the right experts for their specific needs.

This partnership with Fiverr further solidifies OKAST.TV's commitment to providing comprehensive support and resources to their customers, enabling them to excel in the competitive OTT and FAST channels market.

The first inner-circle partners will be announced at the IBC show in Amsterdam from September 15 to 18, 2023.

Franck Thomas, France Country Manager, Fiverr: "Partnering with OKAST.TV was a natural choice to create a seamless and end-to-end experience for Content Creators. By combining the strengths of OKAST.TV and Fiverr's thriving talent community of freelancers, OTT platforms can better realize their full potential. This collaboration empowers Content Creators with a wide range of specialized skills and expertise, enabling them to deliver exceptional content to their audiences with greater ease and efficiency."

Cédric Monnier, Co-founder, CEO OKAST: "OKAST Circle is a new step in our strategy to leverage all our resources, and the one of our customers, to empower a great audio/video business when launching OTT platforms and FAST channels. We’re people centric and the support of Fiverr network is a tremendous boost to our community."

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